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Freezing Point Tests
PO-Labs has facilitiy to conduct freezing point experiments in the ranges 0 to -40C; 0 to -60 C; and 0 to -180C.
Precision of temperature recording is +- 0.01C using ultra-thin temperature sensors, thermo-couples and termisters. The temperature recorded automatically and typically with one second interval. After the test data processed and freezing points identified by a computer. With the same experiment we can run both - freezing and thawing processes.
Such  tests required for determination of freezing point of  technical liquids, greases, anti-freezes, de-icing liquids, food  products and so one. In addition the freezing data is needed for  atmospheric physico-chemistry, determination of molecular weight of  unknown compounds and for osmolality tests.  Minimal sample volume is 5 mL.

In the picture on the right detected two freezing points: -14.62 °C and -26.14 °C.
At the first freezing point the sample forms crystals, however a major part of it remains liquid. This
condition could be described as a “slush”. Noted, that crystal part in the sample increases with
temperature decrease.  
At the second freezing point the sample freezes completely, to a solid state.
Mixtures of three or more components (as a water-sugar-glycerol mixture) may have such a behavior.

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