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GC-MS Custom Tests and Method Development
GC-MS chromatogram
We offer our customers a new, extremely flexible and reliable GC and GC-MS testing service. The GC-MS facility is GLP compliant and has state-of-the-art instrumentation, including Thermo-Fisher Trace-GC Ultra coupled with PolarisQ MS, DSQII MS, TCD and FID detectors.
PolarisQ is an ion trap mass spectrometer with very high accuracy in the analysis of complicated mixtures of unknown analytes. It allows accurate identification of traces of unknown compounds using NIST MS libraries. The detection limit of this instrument is in part-per trillion range. Virtually anything that can be evaporated can be identified and quantified using this instrument. PolarisQ also works as an MS-MS spectrometer up to MS5.
DSQII is a quadrupole mass spectrometer and designed for trace analysis. In SIM mode, it has about ten times higher sensitivity than PolarisQ.
Our Micro-GC-490 is perfect for permanent gases, such as hydrogen, argon, oxygen, nitrogen carbon monoxide, methane, carbon dioxide, and others. Sensitivity is in ppm range.
We analyze samples such as gas mixtures, fuels, oils, solvents, wastewater, air, and cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. We analyze trace contaminants, for example, trace chlorine in air and hydrogen.
In the total of our developed methods, GC-MS methods are the majority.
We invite our customers to place orders for GC and GC-MS testings by email or contact form.
We are a team of brillian scientists in chemistry, physics, pharmacology and genetics.
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