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LC-MS-MS Custom Tests and Method Development
We offer our customers a new, extremely flexible and reliable LC-MS-MS testing service. The new LC-MS-MS facility is GLP compliant and has state-of-the-art instrumentation, including Thermo-Fisher TSQ Ultra and TSQ AM tandem Mass Spectrometers, coupled with Accela, Surveyor and Shimadzu HPLCs. Additional detectors as UV, Fluo and DAD also available. We do routine LC-MS-MS testings and develop new methods for our clients.  
We work with any type of samples, environmental, industrial and biological.
Single quad LC-MS allows accurate mass measurement, but LC-MS-MS allows fragmentation of parent ion and determination of its structure using NIST MS libraries and computer modelling.
Tripple-quad mode allows single reaction monitoring, elimination of interferences in a complicated matrix and phenomenal sensitivity. In some samples, we achieved sensitivity down to femtogram per milliliter.
Large collection of HPLC columns allows fast method development.
We invite our customers to place orders for LC-MS-MS testings on our LC-MS-MS facility by email or contact form.
We are a team of brillian scientists in chemistry, physics, pharmacology and genetics.
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